About MCG

Mr. Church Guy is an online persona of a ministry person on Twitter. @MrChurchGuy

About Me
Mr. Church Guy is not a character anon or joke account, it is an actual expression of my real personality (for better or worse). I am a real person working at a real church with a real ministry degree, a real certificate of ordination, and a real family.

I have worked in churches under 100, around 1000, and about 4000. I have been a preacher, youth minister, and other assorted church positions. I have worked with church camps on staff, as faculty/counselor/whatever, and as manager. I am not currently preaching, but I am in a support type role at a Mega Church in the US. I have worked with Home School and I am a life long self-learner. I am a science nerd and computer geek with experience in web development, programming, hardware, and networking. (Just a warning, because I can’t hide it)

My Tweets
What I post is typically humorous, but often serious. I view this as an opportunity to exercise my brain while having fun. I keep it clean and Christian.
I do carry on conversations, but I often delete old conversations to keep my timeline sort of clear.
I also join in on #HashTags with a preference to ones involving other Christians.

I am unable to follow everyone back on this account, but that is so that I am able to communicate more readily and keep a little bit of the sanity I still have.