Following Back

I took some time away from following back everyone who followed me. It is a long story on why I did, so I’ll leave it at that.

Now I am starting to do more follow backs, but I’m not following everyone for a few reasons:

1. Not everyone really wants to be followed back. I know it sounds weird, but some people find it kind of creepy and awkward to be followed by an anonymous person.

2. Some people don’t really care.

3. Some people feel like they are trapped in an obligation to follow when someone is following back.

4. I just didn’t have time to keep up with following everyone. It felt like curating my following list was taking away from my life.

5. Some people / accounts are just plain horrible and I don’t want to follow them.

I have been trying to catch people who have been following for a while when they do a favorite, a retweet, or a reply. But, for right now, I am trying something different. If you are following me and want to be followed back, retweet the following old tweet that got no attention because I had maybe 20 followers at that time.

I can’t guarantee following back everyone, and I can’t guarantee that I will never unfollow.

Also, if you feel uncomfortable retweeting something like this then I will be posting other opportunities in the future.

Thanks for following, and God Bless.

Mr. Church Guy